Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Check out these great photos - we will have more pics to come, plus we want to make some videos, too. And, I have not posted Joe's Big Sur photos yet...  So text, email, or whatever, any good photos you may have in your iPhones and cameras to Lis.  It would be fun to include more photos in this blog.  Hint, hint, send some good ones from the upcoming wedding...

(BTW- My skydiving friend, Chris Graves helped me make the "Introducing Miss No Name" video with Pete's new Mac laptop. A big thank you to Pete and Lt. Col. Graves!)

Hangin' in the Hammock, Lis and Mia, 7/21/12

Yankee Stadium, Josh, Lis, Mike, and Joe, June '12

Some friends have been asking how they can get green bracelets.  (We have some of them.) Lis has been doing a great job of getting the bracelets out to people who ask for one.

You can also go to this website:   

A donation of $3.99  to the American Cancer Society will get you an 8 pack of green bracelets with the Celebrating Hope logo.

As you can see from this photo, Anthony has been busy shopping online and has sent us  the proof!
Anthony's Good Effort

Check out this next pic.  Our friends, Jackie and Lauren, (formerly of New York City) are proudly lending their love and support from "across the pond"!

Recently, Lis's NYC roomie, James Ryan was on vacation in London.  James was kind enough to meet up with expats, Jackie and Lauren to deliver the green bands from Lis. Thanks to all!

Jackie and Lauren, 7/21/12

Over the last six weeks, all of us have had the chance to meet a lot of new people. Some strangers on the street, others, medical professionals.  We've made new friends as well as reconnected with old ones. Some friendships are tighter than ever.  Who would have ever imagined?

If you do happen to visit the American Cancer Society website, checkout their Hope Lodge in NYC.  We had the opportunity to take advantage of this special place due to the kindness of two new friends, Sherrie and Sandy.

Friends get you through the dark part of the night. 

Everything always seems brighter in the light of day.

Thanks for every little thing, to all our friends!

Big hug,


Monday, July 23, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Are you in?

Joe, Lis, & Dad at Cape Cod, 6/14/12 (Photo by Denise)

Come visit and hang out with us for any part, (or all) of the holiday weekend!

When: Friday, August, 31st to Monday, September 3rd

Where: Watertown and Middlebury, CT baby...

BBQ: Sun., Sept. 2nd @ 2 pm at Dad and Denise's home (66 Flintlock Rd. Watertown)

What you need for weekend: Bring an air mattress, sleeping bag, bathing suit, towel, whatever you like. People can crash at our Mom's place (14 Ridgewood Dr., Middlebury), and Dad and Denise's place (66 Flintlock Rd., Watertown).

Please respond in "Comments" on the original post if you are planning on coming by!

(Should you have a gastronomic idea for something you would like to bring to the BBQ, please email Denise at denise@boneappetitect.com.)

We hope to see you!

Joe and Lis xo

Whole Fam, 7/22/12

What's Happening This Week - July 23rd

Hello America, how are you?

This week will hold some special moments, I guarantee!

First off, baring any unforeseen medical concerns, Joe has no doctor appointments, procedures, or treatments scheduled this week. Praise the Lord!

Then, on Friday, July 27th, Erin and Josh tie the knot.  All of us who know this awesome couple are really happy to share in their joy. Congratulations!

Which brings me to the next part of this week's calendar:  Joe will be in Rhode Island attending the matrimonial event taking place on the Narragansett Sound.  A beach house has been rented. Erin and Josh, along with Joe, (and a bunch of cool friends) will be celebrating big time. Joe will be chilling in Middlebury for the early part of the week, then heading to RI mid-week. Joe's sister, Lis will be joining him late Thursday evening.

Talking about special moments to come, reminds me of the special moments we enjoyed yesterday afternoon at Michael (aka, Dad) and Denise's (aka, Step-Mom) home in Watertown. An impromptu gathering with family and good friends, (along with some fantastic food...) was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend.  Many thanks to Denise's family who were so kind and generous.  Aunt Lisa, (Dog Aficionado, Dog Expert, and Dog Whisperer) helped with Miss Mia. (It was great having help with the new pup!)  Mia, aka, "The Princess" held court.  Joe and Lis's cousins did a fantastic job of keeping Miss Mia out of trouble, too.

At Dad's and Denise's, 7/22/12

Joe and Dad, 7/22/12

Cousins, Erin, Brittany, and Lindsey with Lis, Joe, Mia, and Sarah, 7/22/12
(Cousins, Hannah and Jeremy were at gathering, too.)

Miss Mia with "Chewy Vuitton and "Christian Loubarkan" toys, 7/22/12 
Gifts from Sarah

Thank you for the cards, thoughtful prayers, special meals, treats, and good vibes for all of us. Cancer can be lonely and scary to say the very least.  It REALLY helps to feel the love and support from everyone. It's also very wonderful to hear what's happening in your lives. We are connected. All those texts, emails, and vms are appreciated. 

Thank you.

Some friends have mentioned to me that they would like to post a comment, but are having a wee bit of trouble.  Please sign up for a free Google/G-Mail account.  It's easy to do and then you can post comments whenever you like. We read them and love hearing from you.

Love to all,