Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quick update from Joe

Hey Everyone,
The 3 of us are just waiting to board our plane. Great time in sunny Cal. We will be sure to upload pics shortly.

As my sister, Lis mentioned it is tough for me to respond to all texts, emails, and vms in a timely manner. But, I truly appreciate everyone reaching out and all the support. Special thanks to Lis for putting this blog together. Please feel free to reach out to Lis with questions at any time.

Feeling pretty well on a day to day to day basis. I look forward to catching up with everyone after Puerto Rico and the chemo kickoff next Tues 7/10. Again, thanks to everyone for the incredible love and support.

Love, Joe

Good morning!

Hi to everyone! We have been very busy. Heading to San Francisco airport for a 10:45 am flight back to CT. As soon as I get home, I will post more great photos. Be on the lookout. Joe took a bunch with his iPad and iPhone.

Joe had a great time seeing sunny Cali. And Joe said it was just what he needed to rejuvenate. We miss everyone and look forward to being back home!

And to all Joe's friends, remember you are always welcome to come and hang out. I will make sure to feed you. Just bring an air mattress if you plan on staying overnight or we can see how many people we can fit on the one air mattress I have...

Joe asked me to write a post about how we came to be where we are. This will be a medical post of what's happened with Joe over the last month. (I hope to post medical one by Sunday evening.)

FYI - you can use your Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds like this blog. Your Google reader will be updated every time we add a posting to If you need help, I'm happy to assist.

Thanks again for all the wonderful emails, texts, and voice mails we keep getting from everyone. It makes a difference. Love to all!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Looking out the Window

Impressive and majestic!

This is the view we saw yesterday from a vista point in first iPad photo including my finger in upper right hand corner.  (Will work on cropping skills next!)

Best Big Sister & Green Wrist Bands

Lis continues to amaze and astound me! Lis is the best big sister anyone could ever hope to have!

Here is a pic of the green wrist bands Lis and Dad ordered from the American Cancer Society. 

We have a lot of them to share with everyone.

No Bears

We have been keeping a lookout for bears...check out the sign, but we haven't spotted a single one.

Yosemite National Park was spectacular! We spent 2 1/2 hours floating down the Merced River on Saturday afternoon.  Peter was a great river guide pointing out any birds and wildlife while Joe and I relaxed and soaked in the scenery.  Incredible views of granite cliffs and waterfalls!

Near the end of our rafting, I managed  to procure 3 icy cold beers as we floated by some people partying on the riverbank.  Joe thought it was the best beer he had enjoyed in awhile.  We all agreed.  Ended the day with drinks at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite.

Today:  A road trip to Big Sur!