Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just a Little Tease...

Mia and Joe, 8/2/12

Today is day 4 of radiation therapy. Joe is feeling really great today!  Earlier in the week, Joe experienced extreme fatigue/nausea, but thankfully, it's passed.

As you can see from the photo, Mia is totally enamored with her master! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

What's Happening This Week - July 30th

Bruce sang as Joe and I drove to St. Vincent's Hospital and the Swim Cancer Center in Bridgeport, CT this morning to make  a 10:15 a.m. radiation therapy appointment.  "Thunder Road", Joe's favorite Springsteen song played (on the Sirius XM/ E Street station,) as we hit the highway.

Today, Joe began the first of 10 radiation therapy appointments.  Joe will receive these radiation treatments Monday through Friday this week, July 30th through August 3rd, and next week, August 6th through August 10th.  The radiation itself takes less than 10 minutes each day. This morning's appointment took a little longer because x-rays are taken on day one. (Earlier this month on July 11th, Joe had a 30 minute planning session  with the radiation oncologist and the radiation therapy team.)

Joe reported that the treatment room is a bit intimidating with a huge machine and a vault-like door. However, the radiology therapists were great  and they have a good communication system in place. Everything went off without a hitch.

The goal of the radiation therapy is to eliminate the tumor that is present in Joe's left femur. On July 12th, Joe had a bone biopsy that confirmed the June PET scan which had shown a tumor in the femur.

Joe was told that the leg (bone) pain he is experiencing may be a little worse before he gets relief. Dr. I, the radiation oncologist tells us radiation should eliminate the bone pain in Joe's leg, although it may take a few weeks to accomplish. Radiation will help prevent any break in the bone, too.  As my dad would have said, "Joe, has been a real trooper."  And, Joe sure has been.

While Joe settled into the routine for checking into the Swim Center for treatment, Mia entertained patients, visitors, and oncology nurses in the waiting room.  Mia is undoubtedly quite the celeb! As Mia and I boarded the elevator returning from a visit outdoors, one of the nurse's from Dr. V's office came up to us. She  immediately recognized Mia from this blog!

Lots more is going on this week, too!

Uncle Raymond is arriving from Florida on Thursday for a visit.  We look forward to catching up with Ray and attending Great Aunt Sarah's 90th birthday celebration on Sunday with him!

Also happening: We have another visitor, Uncle Ben who had a last minute business trip to Hartford  from Edwards Air Force Base.  Joe's, Aunt Lis and his cousins are coming from California on Thursday. My mom, (known to her grandchildren as "Gabby") had a heart attack recently.  Gabby is feeling much  better and my aunts, (Gabby's sisters) are coming to visit her. Joe's, Aunt Lynn from NYC is able to join us, too. We have some family gatherings planned.

Thanks for checking in! Look  for tomorrow's post with updates on last weekend!


Swing at Chateau du Sureau, June '12