Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 21st Update from Joe and Mia

We all know we've been a little quiet on the blog lately. A major factor of this shortage of postings was due to the fact that the first round of chemo did do a number kicking my ass. I had my first chemo treatment on Tuesday, July 10th. The weekend of July 13 thru 15 was rough going.

Second round of chemo at Sloan was Tuesday, July 17th.  This weekend is going much better.  Just finished a tasty frittata, (compliments of Sarah). I'm doing my best to stay well-hydrated and keep my weight up.

                                          Lis, Joe, and Mia at Sloan, 7/17/12

                                  Lap dog, Mia in chemo suite at Sloan, 7/17/12

Joe, Aunt Lynn, and Mia at Sloan, 7/17/12

Joe, Nancy, and Mia at Dr. D's in CT for hydration, 7/19/12

So, I’ve heard about the whole hair loss factor of the chemo.  (Doctors say to expect hair loss as a side effect.) Coincidentally, I haven’t had my haircut in almost a month. (Haven't gone this long without a haircut since my 6th grade grunge-era days.)  When the time does come to loose the hair, luckily I've been stepping up my hat game (along with the help of my sister and her friend, Meghan) who are making sure I don’t miss a step.

And, check out the authentic cowboy hat, Tommy brought me from his recent trip to Sheridan,Wyoming.

In the puppy department, Mia seems to be settling in quite comfortably as you will see from the pics.  Many thanks to Denise (and Lisa) for all the wonderful, puppy supplies from "Bone Appetite" in Watertown. 

Denise and Mia

Joe and Mia

Perfect Companion 

Exhausted Puppy

Mia posting the blog with Sarah

Thanks for reading and checking in.  Appreciate all the love and prayers.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Like a Celebrity

And the name is….


After much deliberation during the first few days on what to name the newest Stamford/ Middlebury superstar,  I have decided to go with Mia. No extreme sentimental tie here, but it's a name I've always been fond of and it seems to fit her personality well. Thanks to everyone for all the name suggestions. 

Mia has been making a ton of friends in all shapes and sizes.  Ranging from 2 English bulldogs named Annie and Fire to Cody, a 9 month-old mini-dachshund.  Mia already has a social calendar forming. (A play date is planned with Lexi when Lexi returns to Middlebury from her Florida home next week.)  Another new friend is George, one of the friendly doorman at Sloan. George kindly provided unlimited cool, filtered water for Mia. Needless to say, Mia stole George's heart immediately.

Yesterday, Mia was most definitely queen of the castle at Sloan and throughout all of the Big City.  She experienced her first trip to Bloomingdale's and Louis Vuitton to hang out while I got a refreshing shave after treatment.  Mia was well-behaved and even the doctors loved her!  Mia was stopping people and turning heads on the streets of New York. Being with Mia is like hanging out with a celebrity. People are always whipping out their iPhones and asking if it's OK to take her picture!

Thanks for all your support and for following this blog.  Check back as we will be catching up on our postings.

Here is a pic of Miss Mia resting with Lis before her 1st trip to the Big Apple!



P.S. Mia could also be called, "Mia Fomo".  As in FOMO, or "fear of missing out"!  Mia is very inquisitive and doesn't want to miss a thing happening!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Happening This Week - July 16th

Today, we are in NYC at Sloan at 160 East 53rd Street.  Joe is receiving his 2nd chemo treatment via his newly implanted port.  And, the pup is with us!  Boy oh boy,  is she stealing the show!

Check her out...

Just a tease!

More to come, stay tuned!

PS  Photo is compliments of Caroline Keggi!