Monday, November 26, 2012

What's happening this week - November 25th

Leaving for Florida, 11/21/12
Lis, Joe, Mom, Denise, Dad

Hey, hey-
Hope you are all well and had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We returned home from the Florida sunshine this afternoon.  Definitely a fabulous trip.  We left for Fort Lauderdale on Wednedsay morning. Late Wednesday afternoon as the sun began to set, we enjoyed a cruise on the intercoastal waterway on Ray's lovely boat. Mary and Lou, (Denise's parents), were amazing hosts! Thank you for making us feel so welcome and at home.  Mary and Lou went all out preparing and planning and made the holiday and food super special. We all loved the Ritz. Friday night's dinner was at Runway 84, a very cool Italian restaurant which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The last evening we relaxed at Mary and Lou's home with the best pizza imaginable.

Dad, Denise, Joe and Lou 11/21/12

Mom, Joe, Lis, Mary, Denise and Dad, Thanksgiving '12

We had some very special visitors come to call on us at the Ritz. On Thanksgiving morning, Mary came by and we all enjoyed sitting by the pool overlooking the beautiful blue ocean and wide sandy beach.

Friday afternoon, we hung out with Ahsha, Vanessa, Jahan and Tom.  While keeping in touch via Facebook  is surely a good thing, nothing can take the place of sitting side by side with our family and hearing first hand about Jahan and Ahsha's jobs, and finding out what's happening with everyone.   It was fun to see Vanessa's excitment with the holiday cookie decorating that took place poolside, too. 

Joe, Jahan, Vanessa, Ahsha 11/23/12
Joe, Jahan, Vanessa, Ahsha, Tom, Mom, Denise, Lis 11/23/12

Saturday, Ali Ingersoll, (Lis and Ali go way back to Rumsey days and St. George's, too) and Ali's dad, Ralph came from Miami.  Lis and Ali reminded us of little kids as they eagerly looked forward to seeing one another. We learned about Ali's upcoming plans to relocate to China in March. We will be pulling for you, Miss Ali.  Your will and determination inspire all of us.  Your beautiful smile comes right from your heart!

          Lis, Ali, Joe 11/24/12

Here is what is in store for this week:

Monday morning we are heading to NYC to Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Joe will have a second radiation treatment on Monday morning and a third one on Wednesday afternoon.  The first treatment was last Tuesday. Joe's radiologist decided that the most effective  way to  treat the tumor in Joe's L2 verterbra was with three mega doses of radiation instead of one dose as originally planned. We hope this brings big time relief for Joe's pain.

Saturday, Lis and Joe will be at a lovely wedding as Chrissy and Kevin get married at Fordham and celebrate with a big reception at the Bronx Zoo!

Thanks for checking in and caring.

Lots of love xoxo,

Lis, Joe, Doreen, Denise and Michael

PS A big thank you to Dad, (Mike), and Denise for all they did to make this a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, Doreen, Lis and Joe