Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 21st Update from Joe and Mia

We all know we've been a little quiet on the blog lately. A major factor of this shortage of postings was due to the fact that the first round of chemo did do a number kicking my ass. I had my first chemo treatment on Tuesday, July 10th. The weekend of July 13 thru 15 was rough going.

Second round of chemo at Sloan was Tuesday, July 17th.  This weekend is going much better.  Just finished a tasty frittata, (compliments of Sarah). I'm doing my best to stay well-hydrated and keep my weight up.

                                          Lis, Joe, and Mia at Sloan, 7/17/12

                                  Lap dog, Mia in chemo suite at Sloan, 7/17/12

Joe, Aunt Lynn, and Mia at Sloan, 7/17/12

Joe, Nancy, and Mia at Dr. D's in CT for hydration, 7/19/12

So, I’ve heard about the whole hair loss factor of the chemo.  (Doctors say to expect hair loss as a side effect.) Coincidentally, I haven’t had my haircut in almost a month. (Haven't gone this long without a haircut since my 6th grade grunge-era days.)  When the time does come to loose the hair, luckily I've been stepping up my hat game (along with the help of my sister and her friend, Meghan) who are making sure I don’t miss a step.

And, check out the authentic cowboy hat, Tommy brought me from his recent trip to Sheridan,Wyoming.

In the puppy department, Mia seems to be settling in quite comfortably as you will see from the pics.  Many thanks to Denise (and Lisa) for all the wonderful, puppy supplies from "Bone Appetite" in Watertown. 

Denise and Mia

Joe and Mia

Perfect Companion 

Exhausted Puppy

Mia posting the blog with Sarah

Thanks for reading and checking in.  Appreciate all the love and prayers.




Thomas Pellini said...

Hi Joe this is Tommy's sister, Sherrie. I just want you to know that I read your blog every day even though I don't leave a comment. Love to see the photos of everyone. Thinking about you and sending you and your family love and prayers from Wyoming. Hope to meet all of you when I get back home.
Sherrie Rizzuto

TiffanyOfiero124 said...

Hi joe and family, sherries daughter, Tiffany. Live all the pics ESP Mia and the cowboy hat one. U can add it to your hat collection :) sending positive wishes your way...


Ray Garassino said...

Thanks for posting the great pics. Glad that this weekend wasn't as bad as last time. See you in a couple of weeks. Mia sure is a cutie.

Meghan Romanelli said...

mia continues to remain adorable, love that she's a celeb--i'm not surprised! also, thanks for the shout-out. i will continue to keep my eye out for fashionable hats for you (even if they are yankees)! thinking about you and your family everyday!!

Kerry said...

Hi Joe! Glad to hear this weekend was more tolerable. Mia sure does seem like a great buddy. Thinking of you and your family lots! Love, Kerry

Ana-Maria Pesamosca said...

Joe, your hat collection looks great. Maybe I should send one from Romania :D
And Mia is was a great idea to get her. She seems to make everyone happy and that is a great gift!
Thinking of you and the family and sending lots of positive energy your way!
Ana (Lis's friend from Romania)
P.S: where can I get one of those green bracelets?

Jacqueline Adriano said...

Mia has the coolest Dad ever, look at you two! Lauren found something special that is also on it's way to super-size the hat game, British-style...
Endless love from across the pond, your posts and pics keep us feeling less far away, too.
Giant hugs to you and your amazing fam.

Adam said...

hey joe, just wanted to say my thoughts are with you.