Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good morning!

Hi to everyone! We have been very busy. Heading to San Francisco airport for a 10:45 am flight back to CT. As soon as I get home, I will post more great photos. Be on the lookout. Joe took a bunch with his iPad and iPhone.

Joe had a great time seeing sunny Cali. And Joe said it was just what he needed to rejuvenate. We miss everyone and look forward to being back home!

And to all Joe's friends, remember you are always welcome to come and hang out. I will make sure to feed you. Just bring an air mattress if you plan on staying overnight or we can see how many people we can fit on the one air mattress I have...

Joe asked me to write a post about how we came to be where we are. This will be a medical post of what's happened with Joe over the last month. (I hope to post medical one by Sunday evening.)

FYI - you can use your Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds like this blog. Your Google reader will be updated every time we add a posting to If you need help, I'm happy to assist.

Thanks again for all the wonderful emails, texts, and voice mails we keep getting from everyone. It makes a difference. Love to all!

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