Thursday, September 20, 2012

These Days

Do more for others.

Today, don’t wait. Do the messy or un-fun things too, like your 84 year old mother’s laundry and hang those pants on the hanger just the way she likes. Help somebody in your life, somehow.

When my eyes flew open at 5 am yesterday, my mind racing as it always is, my first thought was - I need to do more for others. Tuesday was my birthday and so many people had sent me good wishes and kind words. The merry-go-round of my mind stopped for a moment and I realized I could do more for others.

Each one of us can do more for others. Little things, big things, a few words of conversation, it all counts.

The payback will fill your cup. We talk of time management as if we really could harness time like the Hoover Dam controls the waters of the Colorado River. Drill down. Don’t hesitate. Do something good. Now.

The first thing Joe said to me Wednesday morning was, “Mom, did you have a good birthday yesterday? And, yes I did.  Joe's gift to me?  We went to a really cool (therapeutic) yoga class at Charym in Litchfield. It was pretty  awesome.

Do more for others. And graciously accept when others do for you.

It's because the days of our lives are like diamonds on the water. Have you ever seen diamonds on the water?

One day a number of years ago, I stood at the ocean’s edge watching the waves roll into shore. The bright sunlight reflecting just perfectly, creating what looked like an endless sea of brilliant diamonds on the water. It was intense, almost overwhelming to take in. I watched, mesmerized and within moments, the light shifted and the diamonds disappeared.

These days are like diamonds on the water.


Matt, Trevor and Joe, MetLife Stadium, 9/16/12


Jenne Beaudin said...

Hi Doreen,
This is beautifully written and such a powerful message that brought tears to my eyes. Each day is a gift! I'm praying for your family everyday.

Aileen Murphy said...

I often think how precious time is. I am reminded of how quickly each day passes as I watch my children grow. I have not seen Joe since we graduated Rumsey but I have been thinking of him and your family, keeping you all in my prayers. Cancer is such a scary disease that impacts so many. My father was diagnosed with his first cancer 4 years ago and with his second not long after. It has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions that I am sure you all are feeling. Thus far we have blessed with positive responses to treatment and our gratitude for that is huge. I will continue to pray for the same for Joe. My best to you all. Btw love the picture, it reminds me of Rumsey and when life was so carefree.