Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank you for all your love for Joe! And... What's Happening This Week - November 18th

                    Chris, Mike, Stephanie, Josh, Hillary, Lis, Erin, Joe, Watertown, CT 11/10/12

Joe would like to say thank you for all the lovely care packages, thoughtful presents, carefully prepared food, and most of all, for the in-person visits.  These things mean the world to all of us and we appreciate every single thing.  Sending you lots of kisses and love.

Here is what's on deck this week: Tuesday afternoon, Joe will receive a one time mega dose of radiation for the tumor in his L2 vertebrae.  This is an extremely strong dose of radiation that will destroy the tumor and we hope this treatment will provide pain relief for Joe.  A special cervical mold was made a couple of weeks ago during Joe's planning session.  Joe will need to remain completely immobile while the radiation takes place.

If all goes well and Joe feels okay, Wednesday we will depart for Florida for Thanksgiving!  We are ready for some sunshine.  We will stay at the Ritz which is a favorite of Joe's, until Sunday.  Mary, Denise's mom, is going to cook us a big Thanksgiving dinner! Woo-hoo!

Joe is on schedule for chemo the following week, Tuesday, Nov. 27th.

Thanks for sending us positive vibes for the radiation treatment!



Here are some photos from our lovely DC visitors from last weekend :)

Hillary, Lis, Stephanie  11/10/12

Dad and Lis 11/10/12

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wishing u lots of love and positive thoughts always!! xoxo