Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trying to Get a Handle on the Pain

Greetings loved ones,

(Thanks Snoop, as in Dog-gy Dog).

Joe and I watched a bit of the news coverage last evening for the 44th presidential election of the United States. What stuck most? Brian Williams, on NBC, mentioning that 1 million television ads aired for this 2012 campaign. Williams concluded this remark saying, “Imagine what disease we could have cured if that [the money spent for 1 million political ads on television] went to science instead.”

We are home this week, trying to get a handle on the pain. Which is what we try to do most every day. Joe is remarkable as per usual, as he never complains - ever.

Joe was discharged from Memorial Monday afternoon. Eight days in the hospital. As Meghan commented, "Surgery and Sandy in one day!" We had some lovely visitors, big shout out to Sarah, Tiff, and Chrissy. Joe’s ladies representing obvi. In addition, Dad and Denise came by dressed up in costume on Halloween, a gangster complete with a pinky ring and a witch, with a very large and feathery hat. From CT, Mia dressed in scrubs, complete with a surgical mask, looking very official and in charge – Joe’s fav doctor.

Mia, 10/29/12

We are very excited to have some DC visitors coming to CT this weekend, Mike and Hillary and their brother along with Josh and Erin, still our favorite newlyweds.

Mia had her first adventure in the snow today and seems to think it’s cool/ something very scary/ a big ice cube she can eat, as she loves ice cubes.

Below are some pics from two recent events, the Cancer Research Awards Dinner at the Waldorf and a Cancer Research Fundraiser at the Village Pour House. Hope you are somewhere warm and toasty.

Thanks for your love for Joe and your hope that we can get a better handle on the pain.

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TiffanyOfiero124 said...

Love love love our new venture w CRI and always representing Joe :) xxoo love u!!