Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's Happening This Week - December 23rd

Mia with Santa Billy and Joe Dec '12

Lis, Santa Billy, Joe and Dad Dec '12

It's a cold and windy day here in Manhattan. Mia and I have taken our walk in Riverside Park and picked up breakfast sandwiches from Hot and Crusty on Broadway. The lobbies of the Upper West Side apartment buildings glow with Christmas trees and menorahs.  Sidewalk vendors sell fresh wreaths and trees.  Decorations adorn the shop windows.  And just like home, holiday shoppers search for those last minute gifts.

This December began with an admission to St. Vincent's Medical Center for Joe.  Joe's pain medication was adjusted and Joe received another round of chemotherapy during his hospital stay. A great, big thank you to Joe's physicians (and all the medical professionals at St. Vincent's) for their help. St. V's staff was outstanding in their compassionate and professional care and most welcoming of Mia who may have provided the best medicine of all.

Joe and Mia, St. V's Dec '12

Jenna, Mike, Joe, Lis, Dmitry, and Erika, St. V's  Dec '12

We appreciate your support for Joe and for all of us.  Friends and family continue to visit bringing laughter and smiles and lots of love.  Emails and texts help connect us.  We really are blessed and extremely fortunate to be loved.  It makes a huge difference.

James, Lis, Dmitry, Joe, Melissa, and Dillon, Middlebury, CT Dec '12

Joe has been receiving radiation therapy at St. Vincent's (as an out-patient) for the last week.  Two more radiation treatments after Christmas to help relieve back and hip pain. Joe begins another round of chemotherapy January 3rd.  In between the medical appointments, we have been having some fun and getting into the holiday spirit.

We've trimmed the trees and decorated the houses, sharing meals and spending time together. We are eagerly anticipating a big Christmas eve at Dad and Denise's!  

On Saturday, December 22nd, we were thrilled to attend the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! Super special day and a huge thank you to Sherrie, Tiffany and Clara who made the day magical in every way. Another big thank you to Pete and Annie who hosted the lovely dinner at Ouest, a wonderful French restaurant. Josh and Erin joined us to celebrate in New York City style. A good time was had by all.

Josh, Joe, Tiffany, Erin and Lis, "21 Club" NYC Dec '12

Annie (aka "Portland") and Mia, Riverside Park, NYC Dec '12

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Hard to believe it's here. 

Merry Christmas and love to all!

Joe, Lis, Doreen, Dad, Denise and Mia, too!

PS Check back later for more pics.  


Ray Garassino said...

I am so glad to hear you saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I took Vanessa last year and loved it!
I talked to Mike earlier and he told me about the Christmas Eve shindig. Sounds wonderful. Have a Christmas filled with love ... I wish I could be there with you all.

DD said...

Happy Birthday Ray! We love you!

Jacqueline Adriano said...

We are so very very excited to spend New Year's with you, Joe and Lisbeth! Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, loving all these pics and updates. Much love, Jackie