Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Don't Ever Let Me Go, That's How You Let Me Know"

Dillon's new artwork, a Celtic brotherhood/trinity knot with Joe's initials MJG, M. Joseph Garassino.

From Dillon, "It's my first tattoo and I wouldn't want anything else near my heart besides Joe."


Thomas Pellini said...

What a nice tribute to Joe. It brings tears to my eyes. You are a great friend.
Sherrie Rizzuto

Anonymous said...

Hello - I did not know Joe at all however read
through this blog after happening upon his obituary.
I can't help but comment on what a fine and brave
man Joe was and what a wonderful family he had. I
am so very sorry for the loss and heartache Joe's
family & friends are going through at this time. And
I can't help but wonder: How is Joe's constant
companion, Mia, doing through all of this? From
what I read, Mia was such a source of comfort and
purpose for Joe. I hope we hear about this special
little dog soon. I am sure Mia continues to be a
comfort to the entire family. Sending good thoughts
your way...

TiffanyOfiero124 said...


What a tribute from one amazing gentleman to another. It speaks volumes about your relationship/feelings/love for Joe. Thats truly awesome

Love Tiffany