Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe's 1st Chemo & Dad's 1st Tattoo!

Check this pic out - you won't believe it!

On Tuesday, July 1st as Joe began his fight, I went to Beauty Mark Tattoo Parlor in Waterbury and got this piece of art on my right wrist. I always preached to my kids to not get a tattoo, and I decided that it felt right to get one this week!

So here it is!

Love to all,



Joy Adamaitis said...

That just gave me chill bumps even though Rich told me about it last night.

Dillon said...

That's awesome Big Mike!!...your the man and now I am seriously considering getting one. Looking forward to seeing you in August at the cook out.

Ray Garassino said...

That is just fantastic, Mike. Very powerful and very touching. I know how much you love your son.