Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pfeiffer Beach, CA - Well Worth the Visit

There is no sign for this hidden, magical beach.  Water crashes through the rocks.  This is a beach like no other. Pfeiffer is located off a main road in Big, Sur, but  it's a little hard to find, which adds to its allure. You must drive 2 miles down a very narrow road to reach it. There are no signs.  In fact, one of the gallery owners told us the locals, (hippies) remove any signs as soon as the state puts them up. Costs $10 to park.  

If you have the chance to visit Big Sur, don't miss Pfeiffer! (Joe can tell you exactly how to find it.)  Make sure to click on "Read more", to see a video, very short, but sweet!

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Sarah said...

Looks amazing! Heading out to Big Sur in a week and half, going to need directions here Joe!