Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Biscuits by His Bedside

Dillon, Joe, Mia, Dima Watertown, CT 9'12

Dog biscuits by his bedside.  As Joe's illness progressed, he could no longer bend to the floor to give his sweet Mia water.  Or get out of bed to walk her or feed her.  But Joe kept biscuits by his bedside.  Right next to his meds for nausea and the never ending parade of Gatorade, water, soft drinks, and his favorite tea, Earl Grey.

I am not telling any one who knows Joe and calls him friend, anything new.  Those who love Joe know his big heart.

We are blessed.

Joe rests quietly as I type and Lis keeps him quiet company.  A peaceful air prevails filled with the spirit of all Joe's friends and family.  We are connected.


Dima, Joe, Mike NYC 5'12

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